Enjoy the Festival on In-Edit TV and Canal 33 (TV3)

20th October 2016NEWS

Beefeater In-Edit comes back as a multiscreen festival once again, and almost the 60{e6f3b930707748bab1a4e9a124453c42b84bddba3eab0fa51872b05e637df552} of the program will be available online on In-Edit TV for 10 days. This way, Beeafeater In-Edit not only becomes a hybrid festival (simultaneous online and offline premieres) but also is accessible for the whole country thanks to this virtual room. … Read More

La Cantina is born

12th October 2016NEWS

The official meeting point of the festival will be a pop-up bar existing only for 11 days. Beefeater In-Edit is a film festival, but we know that screening documentaries isn’t the be all and end all for our audiences. Coming to the festival is also about seeing who you’ll meet in the queue, chatting about … Read More

In-Edit Made in Barcelona is out!

12th October 2016NEWS

El libro explica los primeros trece años de vida del festival y presenta lo más destacado del documental musical In-Edit was born in 2003 in Barcelona with the ambition of elevating the music documentary as a film genre. The initiative by Uri Altell and Alberto Pascual (whose work and legacy would be continued by his … Read More

In-Edit Beat becomes a Fanzine

12th October 2016NEWS

For the forthcoming Edition of the Beefeater In-Edit Festival, and aligned with the spirit of the section dedicated to the commemoration of 40 years of Punk, our editorial division IN-EDIT BEAT will also produce a printed fanzine that will be circulated free of charge, among viewers. Within its pages, a team coordinated by Toni L. … Read More

La Mirada: the new festival section

12th October 2016NEWS

Etnia Barcelona presents the festival’s new splendid section This new section encompasses films which, taking music as a base, tell us stories of rebellion, pride and commitment and offer a modern and unprejudiced look at social situations (like those of Iran, Nigeria, Angola, Mali and Senegal) in which music and politics inevitably go hand in … Read More


12th October 2016NEWS

Beefeater In-Edit joins the celebration of the genre that changed everything. 2016 has become the year of a historical review of punk as a musical explosion that shook the entire culture, art, fashion, design and literature spectrum. The anniversary casts its sights back to 1976, when The Ramones played for the first time in the … Read More