We love Rocksound

We Love RockSound :: In-Edit 2022

For 12 years and 4 months, the Rocksound BCN venue on the corner of Almogàvers and Pamplona was the temple of Barcelona’s rock underground. This is a heartfelt and humble tribute in which those responsible for it, as well as musicians, journalists and promoters, proclaim the importance of four walls that only urban speculation could […]

Sonic Fantasy

Sonic Fantasy :: In-Edit 2022

Bruce Swedien was probably the best sound engineer in history, having worked on recordings by jazz giants such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie or Dizzy Gillespie. This is the gripping story of how in 1982, with the record industry in free fall, he worked his magic to save none other than Michael Jackson and Quincy […]

Rewind & Play

Rewind & Play (Thelonious-Monk) :: In-Edit 2022

Unreleased footage of the interview Thelonious Monk gave to French television in 1969 before a concert in Paris. We see the brilliant jazz pianist and composer out of his element and stoic in front of the camera, stereotypes and disrespect. But when he plays… he is the one who “speaks”, time stands still and everything […]

Material Sirles: un septenni

Material Sirles: un septenni :: In-Edit 2022

A mash-up of private videos, parties, chats and gigs of the Catalan garage punk-rock band Els Surfing Sirles (2006-2013), as chaotic and effervescent as the band themselves, which encapsulates, the humour, the craziness and the brilliance of a bunch friends who sang to junkies, heirs and “rumbero punks” and who laughed in the face of […]


Look at Me: XXXTENTACION :: In-Edit 2022

Brutally honest portrait of Jahseh Onfroy, the Florida teenager who became the “SoundCloud rap” megastar XXXTentacion and whose murder marked his generation. Unreleased footage and candid close-up testimony in a chronicle of marginality, violence, bipolarity, opioids and raw, unstoppable talent.

Italo Disco: The Sparkling Sound of the 80s

Italo Disco: The Sparkling Sound of the 80s :: In-Edit 2022

Deep and festive immersion in the Italian disco universe: cybernetic rhythms, seductive melodies, Mediterranean futurism, kitsch videos and macaronic English. Its trail from the Italian coast to Munich via Moroder, Chicago house, Daft Punk and beyond. Pierluigi Giombini, Righeira, Linda Jo Rizzo, Sabrina Salermo and the La Bionda “are on the list”.

I Get Knocked Down

I Get Knocked Down (Chumbawamba) :: In-Edit 2022

The former singer of Chumbawamba is in his sixties, feeling like a retired radical, invisible, filled with rage and frustration. It will take courage and surreal humour to pull himself together, make peace with his past as an anarcho-punk infiltrator in mainstream pop and face a stalker with a baby mask.

Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande

Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande :: In-Edit 2022

The tale of how, in the early 70’s some friends from Brixton, originally from former English colonies like Jamaica and Guyana, developed a sophisticated funk-rock sound with African roots that was utterly unique. And they bequeathed drum breaks and bass lines that would pollinate the disco, hip-hop and house scenes and that day after day, […]

El Káiser de la Atlántida

El Kaiser de la Atlántida :: In-Edit 2022

One of the most unknown and courageous acts of artistic resistance of the Nazi era. In 1943 two musicians wrote an opera in the Terezin concentration camp as a mockery of Hitler. An incredible, even esoteric, series of events preserved a manuscript that 80 years later sounds louder than ever.

DIO: Dreamers Never Die

DIO: Dreamers Never Die :: In-Edit 2022

Thrilling account of more than half a century of Ronnie James Dio’s career, the great little dreamer who introduced the “horned hand” and possessed one of the most powerful, mourned voices in metal. From trumpet player to 50’s R’n’R, from ELF and Rainbow hard rock to Black Sabbath and DIO heavy metal. More epic than […]