Zeleste: El record de tantes ocasions


The story of the legendary concert venue that shaped Barcelona’s musical life for nearly three decades. Numerous vivid testimonies nostalgically recall firsthand how the venue, founded in 1973 on Platería Street, served as an eclectic refuge, or “galactic cabaret,” for counterculture. It hosted singer-songwriters, experimental jazz, popular music, Catalan rumba, poets, and all the “rock […]


Zambra - In-Edit 2024

An immersion into the history and cultural contribution of Sacromonte, focusing on the ‘zambras’, the legendary flamenco gatherings of the gypsies in this neighborhood of Granada. Weaving together past and present, with the expertise of a folk celebrity like Curro Albaicín, the insightful gaze of French photographer Jacques Leonard, and intense performances in iconic scenarios, […]

Prohibido ganar Eurovisión

Prohibido ganar Eurovisión - In-Edit 2024

The tumultuous trajectory of D’Nash, the boy band that represented Spain in Eurovision in 2007 and has been erased from official history. The tension with Spain’s public television broadcaster over creative control regarding the song, the team, the music video, and the choreography, coupled with the feeling of abandonment in terms of promotion and stage […]

Marisol, llámame Pepa

Marisol - In-Edit 2024

From Marisol, the child prodigy instrumentalized by Franco’s fascist regime, to Pepa Flores, icon of female emancipation and communism. With a wealth of testimonies and unseen material, this work goes far beyond chronicling her 25-year career in music and film; it is a study of a myth that embodies the contradictions of recent Spanish history […]

Blackcelona: una historia de metal satánico

Choral history of the black metal scene in Barcelona that extends the narrative to other formations that emerged in Catalonia throughout the 1990s. In addition to gathering testimonies from members of bands such as Asgaroth, Countess, Akerbeltz, Beheaded Lamb, Gorthaur, Sacrum Sacrificationis, Foscor, Blazemth, or Atman, it meticulously dissects the fundamental role of the MetaliKO […]

This Is A Film About The Black Keys

This Is A Film About The Black Keys - In-Edit 2024

The duo formed by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, the most successful and influential in modern rock, described itself as a “marriage of convenience” in this insightful study of their relationship, based on candid interviews and a wealth of archival footage. Their stubborn ambition and a strong musical connection drive the journey of two Ohio […]

The Stones and Brian Jones

The Stones and Brian Jones - In-Edit 2024

The most comprehensive and revealing documentary about Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones and one of the tragic figures of 1960s rock as a member of the “27 Club.” Featuring abundant interviews with those from his inner circle since childhood, personal correspondence, and a wealth of unseen footage, the director of documentaries like “Kurt […]

Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted

Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted - In-Edit 2024

This hilarious and heartwarming portrait of cult musician Swamp Dogg is a joyful celebration of limitless creative freedom at any age. The eccentric artist, with a 70-year career marked by his psychedelic blend of R&B, funk, country, and disco, shares his life with equally unique musicians like Guitar Shorty and MoogStar in a house in […]

Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat

Soundtrack to a Coup d'Etat - In-Edit 2024

A monumental and innovative history lesson set to the rhythm of jazz, exploring the social upheavals of the 1960s, the Cold War, the decolonization of Africa, and how the CIA and the Belgian monarchy orchestrated the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of Congo, using legendary jazz musicians as a distraction. The political […]