Garatge Club. Un escenari, 900 concerts
MORITZ presents: La Barcelona de los 90’s

Garatge Club. Un escenari, 900 concerts

Albert París
2023 | Spain | 104 min

Two days before the closing of the Barcelona Olympics, three young individuals opened a concert venue at 195 Pallars Street, an old metal workshop they had transformed with their own hands. Over a span of 10 years, this venue became the gateway for international punk, metal, hardcore, and ska bands and the epicentre of the emerging alternative scene in the city. In this film, partners and staff from the venue, promoters and record labels (Cap Cap, BCore, Anaconda), journalists, and musicians (Aina, Afraid to Speak in Public, Dr. Calypso) reminisce about memories, feelings, lessons, and unforgettable concerts at a place without which the alternative Barcelona of the 1990s cannot be explained.

Starring: Xavi Rivases, Olga Arroyo, José G. Rosquete, Amèlia Casabayó, Júlia Prior, Rafa Jaén, Ferris Aromí, Jordi Llansamà, Xavi Manresa, Jordi Ramírez, Xavier Cervantes, Consol Saenz, Joan S. Luna, Richard Royuela, Jordi Meya, Manel Platas, Txarly Brown, Sergi Monlleó, Xavi Sola, Artur Estrada, Mariano Vera, Javier Montilla



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