Live Music

‘Warm up sessions’: Music in the movie theater

Here is the list of sessions where DJs and music selectors will set the mood in line with the theme of each documentary, whether it’s 80s pop, garage rock, power pop, electronic dance music, indie, punk, 50s or 70s rock, or makina music. We will have, among others, Amable, Nacho Ruiz, Debbie Doll, Ernie Beard, Alice B, Jordi Meya, Xavi Garatge, and DJ Siria.

See you (and dance) at the cinemas!

Warm Up DJ

Warm up sessions

October 27th – Sala 1
with Jordi Meya
October 27th – Sala 5
with Mónica X and the performance of Marian Dacal and Eva Martí
October 28th – Sala 5
with Debbie Doll
October 28th – Sala 1
with DJ Siria
October 29th – Sala 5
with Yvette Erre (Cuerdas Fuera Records)
October 29th – Sala 5
with Derby Rollers Band
November 1st – Sala 5
with Xavi Garatge & Richard Royuela
November 2nd – Sala 5
with Nacho Ruiz DJ
November 3rd – Sala 5
with Discos Enfermos
November 3rd – Sala 5
with Amable DJ
November 5th – Sala 5
with Ernie Beard

Bossa Nova at Eleven BCN

On the occasion of the premiere at the festival of “Elis & Tom, só tinha que ser com você” a documentary by Roberto de Oliveira and Jom Tob Azulay about the legendary collaboration of Elis Regina and Tom Jobim in 1974, NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderón and In-Edit invite you to enjoy the performance of Tata Live Bossa Nova at rooftop bar Eleven BCN with fabulous views of the city.

And if you want to have a drink at Eleven BCN or eat/dine at the gourmet space Tablafina, remember that you have a 20% discount as an attendee of In-Edit (presenting your ticket to any festival session).

Friday, October 27, from 7 pm to 9 pm.
Bar Eleven BCN. NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderón.
Rambla de Catalunya, 26. Barcelona.

In collaboration with:
NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderón