Beyond documentaries, the Festival is famed for hosting different activities, some of which take place in the cinemas themselves to complement the programme.

Sesiones Warm Up

Warm Up Sessions

They came, they stayed: We love to warm up the atmosphere before the last session of the day. Each evening, we will invite a music curator to put the soundtrack to the evening and we will open a bar to make the wait more pleasant. Every day from 1 hour before the start of the last screening.

Bonus track en los cines ​

Bonus track in theaters

After the credits, we will hold “musical mini-events” in some sessions of the Festival. These may be small-format performances, talks or presentations – always related to the theme of the film. Each Bonus Track can only be accessed with the ticket for the session it accompanies. Watch this space for further announcements of the list of sessions with Bonus Track soon.

La Cantina

La Cantina

The In-Edit Pop-up Bar. We will reopen the doors of our pop-up bar. Meeting point and grazing spot for the public, filmmakers and organization. A place to see each other's faces and soak up the spirit of the festival over beers, sandwiches and a musical selection signed and sealed by In-Edit.
At Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 576.

Vermuts del Pulitzer

Eat, dance & terrace

Enjoy this terrace every weekend! In it you will enjoy a careful selection of cocktails and a delicious gastronomic proposal inspired by street food. And beware, because the music from the Pulitzer terrace continues to sound louder louder than ever for all of you.
Saturdays, October 30 and November 6 at the Pulitzer Hotel Terrace (c/ Bergara, 8)