Moby Doc - IN-EDIT 2021

Moby Doc

Rob Gordon Bralver | 2021 | United Kingdom | 92 min.

Existential, ironic and surreal self-examination in which electronic musician Moby addresses the ups and downs of a 30-year career, the destructive power of success, his animal activism and childhood traumas that never heal.

Richard Melville Hall, better known as Moby, was one of the electronic music icons of the ´90s. But 20 million records sold didn’t exactly help heal his old emotional wounds. The New Yorker opens the channel in an autobiography brimming with sincerity, egotism and dark humour. A precarious and turbulent childhood, dabbling in punk and rave scenes, sudden success as a champion of hypnotic and velvety techno, a ton of money and narcissism, little happiness, addictions, hitting rock bottom, the vegan cause as a vital sense … Moby reflects on all this while pulling up archive, recent performances, assorted daydreams and, above all, with large doses of theatricality, staging psychotherapy sessions or traumatic events through actors, puppets, animation, silent movie inter-titles and even a chat with David Lynch himself.

Starring: Moby, David Lynch, Julie Mintz, Gary Baseman, David Bowie


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