Nueve Sevillas

Nueve Sevillas

Pedro G. Romero, Gonzalo García Pelayo | 2020 | Spain, France | 157 min.

Unorthodox, psycho-geographic stroll through new flamenco in Seville through nine portraits of characters from dance, cante, poetry and activism. and the performances of Israel Galván, Rosalía, Niño de Elche and Rocío Molina.

Seville and flamenco, flamenco and Seville. Both things move and breathe at the same time in a documentary that mixes radicalism and roots. Nine people whose lives are defined by the space-time limits of the city and also of flamenco art and dance: Chilean dancer Javiera de la Fuente, poet David Pielfort, gypsy lawyer and feminist Pastora Filigrana, palmero and flamenco dancer Bobote, Rom singer and Hungarian dancer Janek, gypsy actress Rocío Montero, African and English bailaora Yinka Esi Graves, gypsy bullfighter Vanesa Montoya and the director himself, Gonzalo García Pelayo. “Flamenco is black and it is gypsy and it is Andalusian and it is Indian and it is Pakistani and it is Muslim and it is Christian and it is atheist”, we hear people say in a choral film that also gathers performances by Rocío Márquez, Inés Bacán, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Alfredo Lagos, Raúl Cantizano, Leonor Leal and Tomás de Perrate. And the whole debate on cultural appropriationism in the wake of Rosalía is signed with a sovereign quill.

Yinka Esi Graves José Jiménez « Bobote » Gonzalo García Pelayo Javiera de la Fuente Vanesa Lérida Montoya David Pielfort Rudolph Rostas “Janek” Rocío Montero Pastora Filigrana

José Luis Ortiz Nuevo Javier García Pelayo Amparo Bengala

Rosalía with José Acedo, Israel Galván Alfredo Lagos Rocío Márquez and Fahmi Alqhai with Rami Alqhai and Agustín Diassera, Inés Bacán Leonor Leal and Antonio Moreno Raúl Cantizano Tomás de Perrate and Proyecto Lorca (Juan Jiménez and Antonio Moreno) Niño de Elche con Susana Hernández and Raúl Cantizano Rocío Molina & Silvia Pérez Cruz with Eduardo Trassierra, Carlos Montfort, José Manuel Ramos “El Oruco” and Carlos Gárate, Los Mellis, Anna Colom and Claudia “La Chispa”.


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