CAN and Me

Can and Me - In-Edit 2022

An intimate and poetic portrait of Irmin Schmidt, founder of CAN, one of the crucial and most influential groups of the Krautrock movement that emerged in Germany in the late 1960s. A kaleidoscope of concerts and dozens of films and operas for which he has made music envelope an interview exploring how he reinvented himself […]

A film about Studio Electrophonique

A Film About Studio Electrophonique - In-Edit 2022

“Kind of like a working class, English version of Warhol’s Factory.” This is the incredible story of Ken Patten, a mechanic and former aviator who built the futuristic recording studio (with a four-track desk and a home-made vocoder) in his family home, where the groups that would define the city of Sheffield and the whole […]

Rewind & Play

Rewind & Play (Thelonious-Monk) :: In-Edit 2022

Unreleased footage of the interview Thelonious Monk gave to French television in 1969 before a concert in Paris. We see the brilliant jazz pianist and composer out of his element and stoic in front of the camera, stereotypes and disrespect. But when he plays… he is the one who “speaks”, time stands still and everything […]


Alter :: In-Edit 2022

Sebastián is a psychologist, a frustrated singer-songwriter and a fairly good Luis Miguel impersonator. After being fired from his job, he decides to try his luck emulating the Mexican star. So begins his delirious journey through weird stages, image changes, talent contests, marketing strategies and identity crises.