Studio 54: Nada que ver con todo lo demás

Studio 54: Nada que ver con todo lo demás - In-Edit 2022

This in-depth and deranged account of the Paralelo macrodisco is a trip into the vibrant nightlife of ’80s Barcelona. Workers and clubbers recall how, amid balloons, confetti and go-gos, Studio 54 hosted the funk, disco, new wave and technopop waves that set the pulse of modernity, as well as historic concerts by Iggy Pop, Ultravox, […]

We Love Rocksound, la sala més gran de Barcelona

We Love RockSound :: In-Edit 2022

For 12 years and 4 months, the Rocksound BCN venue on the corner of Almogàvers and Pamplona was the temple of Barcelona’s rock underground. This is a heartfelt and humble tribute in which those responsible for it, as well as musicians, journalists and promoters, proclaim the importance of four walls that only urban speculation could […]

Material Sirles: un septenni

Material Sirles: un septenni :: In-Edit 2022

A mash-up of private videos, parties, chats and gigs of the Catalan garage punk-rock band Els Surfing Sirles (2006-2013), as chaotic and effervescent as the band themselves, which encapsulates, the humour, the craziness and the brilliance of a bunch friends who sang to junkies, heirs and “rumbero punks” and who laughed in the face of […]