In-Edit at the Civic Centres

As a Festival, we are eager to give voice to local stories and artists, to reach more people and to offer our audience more possibilities to explore the stories that touch us most closely.

Several civic centres are joining this initiative, programming intimate stories, at the same time as the Festival.


October 27th at 17:00h at CC. Farinera: The bass of women

October 29th at 19:00h at CC. Fort Pienc: Les resilients

October 29th at 19:00h at CC. La Sedeta: La trompeta silenciosa

October 30th at 19:00h at CC. Albareda: Short film session.

October 31st at 20:00h at CC Matas i Ramis: Revolució Sonora


Free activity. More information on each centre’s website.