David Trueba

Director of “Si me borrara el viento lo que yo canto”.

David Trueba studied journalism and began working in the press, radio and television. His first credit as a scriptwriter was in the film “Amo tu cama rica” (1992), which was followed by titles such as “Los peores años de nuestra vida” (1994), “Two Much” (1995), “Perdita Durango” (1997), “La niña de tus ojos” (1998), “Vengo” (2000) or “Balseros” (2002), the only Spanish documentary nominated for an Oscar to date. His career as a director began in 1996. In 2013 she presented “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados” in the official section of the San Sebastian festival, a film that received six Goya Awards that year and was selected to represent Spain in the Oscars. Parallel to his career in the cinema, he has maintained his literary activity and as a press columnist.

Niño de Elche

Protagonist of “Niños somos todos”.

Francisco Contreras Molina’s love of flamenco starts very early. When he was only 10 years old he won his first prizes and during his youth as a prodigious cantaor he began to accumulate recognitions that augured a revolutionary career. When he begins his musical path towards experimentation, he collaborates with talents such as Refree, Pony Bravo, Antonio Oriola, Kiko Veneno, Los Planetas, El Coleta, Guillermo Weickert, C.Tangana and many others. In addition to directing the Madrid Flamenco Festival, in 2016 he published his first book, “No comparto los postres”, has just toured the world with “Antología del canto flamenco heterodoxo” (2017), and has premiered his latest album, “Colombiana” (2019) at the Grec Festival, and is currently presenting his second book “Morbo Legítimo” (2019) and his album with Los Planetas “Fuerza Nueva”.

Ivan Castell

Director of The Rise of the synths

After studying economics in Brussels, Ivan decided that cinema was really his thing. He earns his living as an editor, but he has already made several forays as a director. His directorial debut came in 2008 after presenting the short film Nave #527. In 2015 he premiered Trovadores, his debut in the feature-length documentary, and has also directed several music videos for groups such as: Calavera (Doma Clasica), The Closers (King of Patio Records), Hankat (Sounds of Copenhagen Records) and Grossomodo (Rap Solo).As an editor he has worked for feature films such as Justi&Cia (Sendino and Machin), Muchos Pedazos de Algo (Outkast filmmakers), El poder de la risa (Temple audiovisuals) and elaborated promotional pieces for De tu ventana ala mía (AmapolaFilms) or music videos such as Vetusta Morla June 23.

José Romero Portillo

Writer & Co-director of “Menese”

Doctor in Journalism and Master in Script from the University of Seville. He combines his journalism activity with that of scriptwriter of series and documentaries in numerous Andalusian production companies. In his filmography as a scriptwriter we can highlight: “Luna Grande”, “Un Tango por Lorca”, “Lunas de Nueva York” and “Murillo”.

Remedios Malvárez

Director & co-wirter of “Menese".

Professional photographer and audiovisual director with special dedication to flamenco. In 2010, together with Arturo Andújar, he created Singular Productions, an audiovisual production company based in Seville. He was awarded the ASFAN 2016 Prize for his contribution to the new Andalusian documentary. Her filmography as director includes “Silencio” (2014) and “Alalá” (2016). Menese is her second feature documentary.

Sergi Cameron

Director of “Niños somos Todos”.

He is a young audiovisual director and producer, trained at ESCAC, where he has been a professor in the specialty of documentary and tutor of the master’s degree in contemporary documentary. He has directed for two years the Entertainment Department of Playground, as Creative Director and Executive Producer, and co-directs the production company NanoukFilms, where he debuted with the feature film Bugarach. He is also a musician and editor. The comedy Ahora o Nunca (Sony Pictures, Netflix, Atresmedia, Telefónica Studios…) stands out in the editing. In music, the composition of soundtracks and musical supervision for numerous foreign projects stand out, being nominated in the Catalan Academy of Cinema awards for the soundtrack of Los Años Salvajes. Recently he has co-produced the documentary “Alcaldessa” and films such as “Dead Slow Ahead” or the recently released “Yo la Busco” (2018).

Liam Firmager

Director of “Suzi Q”.

Raised in Ireland and Australia, Liam Firmager has been based in Melbourne, Australia for the last 20 years, where he has made music videos, TV commercials, corporates and several short films, as well as longer form projects in both documentary and drama. These include the feature documentary THE LIFE OF GABRIEL GARCIA MORENO (for Ecuadorian TV Broadcaster EST-2013); the mockumentary feature RICKY! THE MOVIE (2010); and the 1-hour drama THE JULIAN PARADOX (2008).

Marta Javierre y Fernando Gatón

Director of “JAI ALAI/ Fiesta Alegre”.

Marta Javierre, Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication and Master in Creative Documentary in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Fernando Gatón, formed in Design and Plastic Arts in the School of Art of Huesca, begin their collaboration and joint artistic journey (Audiovisual Crossing) in 2013. Their trajectories (individual and collective) include projects such as ‘Huesca Sonora’, ‘Tropos’, ‘Letreros: ecos en la montaña’, ‘España baila. De La vaca lechera al Aserejé’ (selected in IN-EDIT Festival Internacional de Documental Musical de Barcelona, Festival de Cine Español de Málaga among others). Its aesthetic practices are closely linked to research and documentary creation. The relationship between the individual, popular culture, memory and landscape are the focus, in a special way, of his gaze and work.

Frank Scheffer

Director of “Inner Landscape".
Having studied at the Eindhoven Industrial Design Academy, the Vrije Academie (Free Academy) in The Hague and the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam, Dutch documentary and experimental filmmaker Frank Scheffer (Venlo, 1956) is known for his films Time is Music (1988), Voyage to Cythera (1999), Conducting Mahler (1996) and A Labyrinth of Time (2004), among many others. In his films, image and sound combine to offer audiences a new and individual visual and listening experience, which is why he is often referred to as a “pure filmmaker”. Some of his films have been screened at the Holland Festival, and his Mahler: ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen in 2004, which was the final part of his trilogy on Gustav Mahler, director Ricardo Chailly and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

César de Melero

Director of "BCN 1989 Keith Haring".
Dj for 30 years, pioneer of the Acid House in Barcelona and Spain and star of the Ibiza sound of the 80s, has performed in the best clubs in the world and has participated in major electronic festivals. In 1989 he made a good friendship with Haring and from there the v8 with his complete intervention to Barcelona. Given the value of the film, he proposes to make a documentary and, together with Judit Ferrés, he signs the 30ANYS+ soundtrack.

Lulu Martorell y Roger la Puente

Directors of "BCN 1989 Keith Haring".

LULU MARTORELL. director and scriptwriter (TVE, TV3, Betevé, lainterferencia…) fully lives the Barcelona of the 80s, the appearance of AIDS and the rise of Acid House. In 1993 he signs a trilogy on the impact of HIV (Linia 900. TVE) and now, with 30 years of perspective, he signs 30 YEARS POSITIVE, the chapter that was missing. In 2007 he wins the In-Edit national prize with “Pobres pobres els donguin pel cul”, a documentary about Pepe Sales. Latest works: Alcelobert, documentary series by Betevé (2017), La pasión según Pepe Sales a Konvent de Berga, 2019.

ROGER LA PUENTE is a director and author of independent films. Author of Waha (2003) and Have a nice day (2010). Latest works: Alcelobert, documentary series by Betevé (2017), and La pasión según Pepe Sales: #estimadaquadrículademerda# (video creation by Loop) al Konvent de Berga (2019). It has an independent production company, laInterferència, closely linked to the social struggle movements in the Arrabal and Ciutat Vella and is currently preparing a new documentary on the activism of the recent Sindicato de la Vivienda del Arrabal (Housing Union of the Arrabal).

Joana Fornós

Director of "The Bass of Women".

Joana Fornós (1.992), graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Barcelona. She also graduated in Audiovisuals and Shows, graduated in Sound Technique, and took a course in Documentary Cinema at La Escuela Libre DateCuenta in Barcelona. With the documentary “The Bass of Women” (2019), she embarks on the adventure of what is her first personal audiovisual project as a director.

Daniel Kutschinski

Director of "4 the film".
He studied musical documentary at the University of Television and Cinema in Munich. In 2011 he founded Kutschinski Filmproduktion. In 1994 he directs Physiologus, in 1995 Bewitch and in 2015 “4 the Film” which won the prize for best documentary at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival.

Santiago Mejías Blake

Director of “VVV (Trippin you)”.
Santiago Mejías Blake (1993) was born in Madrid. He studied Audiovisual Communication and Animation Stop Motion and in 2017 founded the collective 93: refuge of image and art, dedicated to the realization and study of moving image. “VVV (Trippin you)” is his first film.

Antonio Arco

Protagonist of "Octavas".

Antonio Arco Puerto, by his artistic name Arco, is a Spanish singer, guitarist, composer and lyricist, previously known for having led the Andalusian band El Puchero del Hortelano until the end of 2015. At the beginning of 2016 he began his solo career as Arco.

In February 2016 he released his debut album called “Uno” published by Warner Music Spain, making it the 8th best-selling album in the country in the week of its release and taking him on a concert tour throughout the country, Latin America and the United States.

After two years of his last album he releases his second album “Abril” in spring 2018, again for Warner Music Spain and this time, under the production of Tato LaTorre, placing himself again at the top of the sales list Promusicae and taking him on an extensive tour around the country that just ended this summer.

He is currently preparing his third album scheduled for winter.


Stefan Lechner

Director of "Vadio - I am not a poet".

Stefan Lechner is an Austrian director based in Lisbon, hailing from a diverse background in media and music production. EL REY, Stefan’s first feature documentary, went on to screen internationally at various film festivals, such as IN-EDIT Berlin. VADIO is the result of a 5-year-long journey into the world of Fado Vadio.

Pilar Ruiz

Director of "Gay Mercader: el gran mercader del Rock and Roll"

She is a director and journalist for TVE. Lover of Brazilian cinema, poetry and music. Director and producer of the cultural programmes “Continuarà” and “Miradas 2”. Specialized in reports of the series “Línea 900” and documentaries of the series “Imprescindibles”. For her work she has been awarded the Golden Globe Prize of the Hamburg Festival and the Bronze Medal of the New York Festival, 2017 for “Sinfonía de estrellas_ Carme Ruscalleda”.
Indispensable the window of the cultural documentary of the 2 of TVE has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture with the National Prize of Television 2019.