IN-EDIT is a cultural dissemination platform specialized in musical documentaries and other audiovisual genres focused on the world of music. It can be approached from any point of view or approach, be it social, ideological, aesthetic, biographical, anthropological, etc. The main musical style (if any) will not influence the selection criteria.

To accomplish this mission, IN-EDIT presents itself as a Film Festival (in multiple countries), distributor, rights manager, producer, web platform of video on demand and in any other way that could contribute to the achievement of its objectives, among which stand out:

– To increase public interest in audiovisual formats based on musical documentaries and to create new (young) spectators, taking advantage of the universality of music as a thematic axis.

– To facilitate access to Musical Documentary Cinema by overcoming the difficulties inherent to its status as a genre on the margins of conventional commercial circuits.

– To provide additional information referring to artists, generations and musical tendencies in an audiovisual support.

– To bring directors and main artists of the works closer to the public, even allowing dialogue with them.

– To dynamize the audiovisual market, in which film directors, distributors, movie theatres and the recording industry can see business opportunities.

– To promote the creation of Musical Documentary Cinema of national origin.

– Provide a platform where producers and distributors present their premieres.

– To exhibit national works in the different international headquarters of IN-EDIT, provoking the exchange of documentaries.

– Provide a meeting point where professionals from different disciplines and countries have the opportunity to meet, show their work and exchange experiences.

– Generate, through the parallel activities of the Festival, a forum for debate and reflection of interest to the film industry, music and the synergy between the two.