Salto del Eje

Salto del Eje

In-Edit joins Salto del Eje: a film creation program aimed at teenagers in the province of Barcelona, specifically in the Camps Blancs neighborhood in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

We are working with the Sant Boi City Council to create a music documentary short film as part of our In-Edit Talent project and the Altaveu festival. The film will be showcased at the festival and will have nationwide screenings through different film festivals outside of Catalonia.

The Salto del Eje program is a nationwide initiative driven by the High Commissioner Against Child Poverty and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with Federación Pantalla. It is part of the “Culture that Transforms” initiative launched by the Spanish Government.

In the province of Barcelona, it is implemented under the umbrella of the Barrios y Comunidades: motores de transformación social (Neighborhoods and Communities: Engines of Social Transformation), a project of the Barcelona Provincial Council, and it takes place in seven neighborhoods across the province in conjunction with seven film festivals.

The program aims to integrate cultural policies into the agenda for combating child poverty and inequality, recognizing the transformative potential of culture in promoting effective access and full participation in culture for children and adolescents, fostering their social inclusion from their closest environments