IN-EDIT LAB: The Big Boost for In-Edit’s Professional and Educational Activities


More Activities and New Alliances to Promote the Music Documentary Sector

Looking ahead to the next edition of In-Edit Barcelona, which will be held from October 23 to November 3, 2024, the world’s largest film festival specializing in music documentaries is consolidating and expanding the range of professional and educational activities it has been conducting for seven years. Now under the new banner of In-Edit Lab, the aim is to generate more industry and foster intersectoral cooperation.

Since its inception 21 years ago in Barcelona, In-Edit has reached more than 10 countries, gathers over 35,000 spectators each year in the city’s cinemas, and has had a significant impact on creating an industry around music documentaries where none previously existed. Evidence of this is that the last edition of the festival set a new record for national production programming. Each year, projects conceived specifically for exhibition at the festival are presented at In-Edit. It’s also worth noting the professional careers of directors directly linked to In-Edit, such as Álex Salgado, Jorge Rodríguez, Danny García, Nando Caballero, Vicenç Ferreres, Paloma Zapata, Carles Prats, Pau Bacardit, and Sergi Minguell.

In-Edit Lab has been established, ultimately, to strengthen the training of new talents and the development of projects by professional creators, aiming for music documentary production to grow and become one of the strong points of Catalan and Spanish audiovisual sectors.

New Alliances

To expand the scope of In-Edit Lab’s activities, the festival will have new strategic alliances: in addition to the already established collaboration with the Cruïlla Festival and the Reteena festival, a collaboration with the Agència Catalana de Cooperació of the Generalitat de Catalunya will be added. This partnership focuses on training new audiovisual creators as a tool for local-global social transformation with a gender perspective and human rights focus. The Guadalajara International Film Festival, the largest film event in Latin America, will also be involved. In collaboration with the Guadalajara festival, one of the projects selected in the In-Edit In Progress call will be chosen to be presented at the Guadalajara Film Market in June 2025.

In-Edit Lab Programming Lines:

  • In-Edit Talent: Workshop for creating musical documentary short films for young people, in collaboration with the Reteena audiovisual festival,the Catalan Agency for Cooperation for Development (as part of the program of Acció Cinema) and the Cruïlla music festival.
  • In-Edit In Progress: Open call for project presentations seeking funding and distribution before VOD platforms, TV channels, and national and international production companies.
  • In-Edit Lab Professional Days: Masterclasses and lectures aimed at professionals, along with one-to-one meetings between filmmakers, musicians, and record labels.