For years, the In-Edit festival has been reducing its environmental impact year by year, not only during the festival days but throughout the year, implementing many of the recommendations included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In 2023, we have commissioned a sustainability study to K is for Knowledge,

which will evaluate the festival’s environmental impact, carbon footprint, and implement improvements to continue promoting a culture of sustainability.

Some of the actions we take include:

  • Using reusable cups and tableware at the festival and in our day-to-day operations to reduce waste.
  • 95% of our festival promotion is done digitally.
  • Our suppliers are local.
  • We purchase and consume food from places that serve organic or locally sourced products.
  • We use sustainable transportation during the festival. We prioritize train travel over air travel for national guests and choose non-stop flights with lower environmental impact for international guests. The official hotel is located near the cinema to allow guests and participants to walk.
  • We encourage the use of public transportation among attendees.

Gender Equality

Every year, we include more documentaries in which a significant part of the creative team or protagonists are women. In 2022, 41% of the documentaries were directed or featured women.

Our Doc Alive in 2022 was led by a woman, Omara Portuondo.

In our creative workshop for young people, In-Edit Talent, there is a formative talk on gender equality.

Our communication is inclusive, taking into account the use of non-sexist language, images, and content.

We promote equality in the internal functioning of the company and the festival, fostering work-life balance, having women in decision-making positions, implementing fair and equal hiring policies, and applying emotional intelligence, empathy, and assertiveness.


We are committed to the right to access culture. Every year, we make it possible for various groups, regardless of their needs, to access cinema and our programming.

In 2023, we are conducting an accessibility consultancy with AGILS Accesibilidad, which will assess the festival’s accessibility and implement improvements to continue promoting a culture of accessibility.

Also, in 2023, like in the previous year, several festival sessions will feature audio description systems.