Over 200,000 people were killed and disappeared during the internal armed conflict (1960-1996) in Guatemala. Carmen Sotz was one of them. To find out what happened, the singer-songwriter, music educator, and human rights activist Ch’umilkaj embarks on a journey through memory that will bring her closer to both Carmen and other stories from Guatemala’s past […]

Grandes Éxitos: Carretera, gasolina y verbena

Grandes Éxitos: Carretera, gasolina y verbena - In-Edit 2022

Exclusive and free premiere of this journey through “musica de gasolinera”. From Manolo Escobar’s car and El Fary’s “mandanga” to the Catalan rumba of Peret, Gato Pérez and Rumba Tres, from the “Caño Roto sound” of Chichos and Chunguitos to Azúcar Moreno, Junco’s “Hola, mi amor” and the jokes of Eugenio and Arévalo through Camela’s […]

Especial “Efecte Collins”

Especial “Efecte Collins” - In-Edit 2022

Special session of RTVE Catalunya’s live music program that gathers some of the best moments ofits last season. Unique and unrepeatable performances by Catalan artists or artists linked to theterritory, accompanied by short documentaries and complicit talks with the musicians involved.“Efecte Collins” has already featured artists such as Manel, Rita Payés, Albert Pla, Quimi Portet,Santa […]