Omara - In-Edit 2022

To mark the 25th anniversary of the legendary album “Buena Vista Social Club”, this close tribute to the bolero and son singer Omara Portuondo was filmed. Unprecedented access to the “bride of feeling” in which the 90-year-old diva celebrates, with unmistakable grace and elegance, seven decades as a promoter of Afro-Cuban music. Omara Portuondo will […]

Sinéad O’Connor: Nothing Compares

Sinéad O’Connor: Nothing Compares - In-Edit 2022

The story of Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor, whose traumatic childhood and her artistic emergence in the late 1980s transcends her personal journey. Living proof of how a pop star was repeatedly banished from the music industry for not jumping through hoops and for daring to speak out about sexism, abortion, racism, homophobia, the Gulf War […]

Meet Me in the Bathroom

Meet Me in the Bathroom - In-Edit 2022

A euphoric and romantic ode to the rock renaissance in New York in the early 2000s that resonated halfway around the world, with The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, TV On The Radio and LCD Soundsystem. Creative effervescence, overwhelming success, faltering friendships, self-destructive impulses… all narrated in first person and through mind-blowing archive.