In-Edit and CFF+: Open and Diverse Film Festivals

In-Edit and Catalunya Film Festivals are promoting a project to make festivals more diverse and open, with sessions accessible to all. We are committed to the right of access to culture, and through this joint initiative, we are making it possible for more groups, regardless of their needs, to access cinema and our programming. We reinforce accessibility for our audiences, collaborators and workers, favouring the implementation of the whole accessibility chain, the promotion of non-discriminatory and inclusive practices for people with disabilities and groups at risk of exclusion.
An initiative of Catalunya Film Festivals in collaboration with Inclús, International Film and Disability Festival of Barcelona, and with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Activities as part of the In-Edit 2022 programme:


Session open to the general public, with specific sensitivity to the needs of people with Alzheimer’s where there will be a safe and relaxed atmosphere, taking into account the following key elements:

  • The film will start directly, with no announcements or trailers beforehand.
  • There will be mood lighting during the session.
  • The volume will be lower than usual.
  • Viewers will be able to get up and walk around the room during the session.
  • There will be space outside the room, as a relaxed area, in case someone needs to leave and then re-enter.
  • A preview guide with pictograms will be provided for each session.

The documentary chosen for this session is: Sexo, Maracas y Chihuahuas 

Reduced price ticket.


General session with audio description for visually impaired audiences. On arrival at the auditorium, those who need it will be given a mobile device containing the audio-description.

The documentary chosen for this session is: Jorge 

Free admission for accompanying persons.