RED: Re-Educating Digitisation

In-Edit is part of the RED: Re-Educating Digitisation. This two-year project (2022-2023), conducted in collaboration with the festivals SoundTrack Cologne (Alemanya), See You Sound (Itàlia), DokStation (Romania) and the Eventival platform (República Txeca), aims to provide the cultural sector with the necessary tools to take their marketing to the next level. Together, we will publish a guide to create reporting tools that facilitate the analysis of social media data, ticket sales data, website tracking, etc.
Additionally, research has shown that formulating questionnaires correctly for visitors and non-visitors and analyzing them is not yet a strong point in the cultural sector.

We want to change this with two online courses that, when the project is completed, will be shared through our website to make them accessible to anyone who wants to benefit from them.