In-Edit 20th Anniversary
Until July 14th.
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6th edition of the workshop on creating music documentary short films
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Who would have dreamed it?

Over the past 20 years, I think the question I’ve most been asked it “How did you come up with In-Edit?”

During these two decades, many colors of the political “spectrum” have ruled, we celebrated Sonar’s tenth and twentieth birthdays, Primavera gave us a fright or two, the Internet became a way of life, social networks arrived, as did economic crises, Filmin was born and with them, online viewing platforms, we had consultation and referendum… And to top it all, we even had a global pandemic.
If today we can present this 20th edition, it’s not down to the original idea, it is thanks to the passion and countless wills that made it possible. In-Edit has a life of its own and breeds life. It was built with a ton of effort, laughter and tears, many tears, with resounding successes and roaring blunders, and based on disputes, fights, patience, understanding, hugs and kisses.
I apologize if sometimes we have not been able to do better throughout all this time and I thank all those who helped us so generously in times of adversity. This edition is dedicated to all of you. And I mean absolutely everyone: fans, collaborators, sponsors, institutions, volunteers, directors, distributors, movie theaters and press from all over the world, those who spoke well of us and those who did not. All of you helped us to grow and improve as much as possible. For that, I thank you all.

We believed in and built an industry that was practically non-existent, we have been able to tell stories from unprecedented points of view that have made us grow, that have not left us indifferent.

Thanks to the will and the restlessness of the directors who felt the need to shoot a situation, an artist, an environment, that makes something unique visible and that will remain there, for eternity.

Thanks to the stubbornness and willpower of our partners around the world, who fought to make this madness happen, so that more people from different cultures could create and enjoy films.

Long live In-Edit, and may the future bring us at least as much life!


Uri Altell
Founder and director of the festival


With 19 editions under its belt, IN-EDIT Barcelona is the most successful festival specialized in music documentaries anywhere in the world and the film festival with the largest audience in the city of Barcelona. It is a unique festival, which brings together the best of the audio-visual and musical sectors in the same meeting point, but with its own identity and its own label. A territory of its own that has turned IN-EDIT into a benchmark brand, with a unique communicative profile, wide media coverage and significant economic and social gains. 

To fulfil this mission, IN-EDIT is present as a Film Festival (in multiple countries), distributor, rights manager, producer, video-on-demand web platform and in any other way that could contribute to the achievement of its objectives.


The In-Edit Music Documentary Festival was born 19 years ago. IN-EDIT is not only held in Barcelona, but also in Madrid, Hondarribia (AMUA IN-EDIT) and online across the country through In-Edit TV, our very own VOD platform. The festival has several international venues in Brazil, Chile, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

In-Edit Internacional

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In-Edit on Tour

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True to our mission and in line with our goals, In-Edit has landed in more than 10 countries to date, attracting more than 100,000 spectators per year, becoming part of the annual cultural agenda of many avant-garde capitals.

The IN-EDIT strategy is based on 4 pillars:

- 1 -

Improve the experience of its festivals with exclusive programming, parallel events and professional meetings, to retain our audience and continue to support the industry.

- 2 -

Innovate in our cultural offering with new projects, formats, experiences and platforms, both onsite and online.

- 3 -

Reach new audiences, replicating the festival experience both nationally and internationally, and organizing events outside the festival season.

- 4 -

Take advantage of know-how to create new cultural products and build a new audience with them.

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