In-Edit and Fundació Arrels

In-Edit’s link with Barcelona is undeniable, a city that has offered it the chance to become the most important music documentary film festival in the world and to expand its activity both nationally and internationally, for which we are deeply grateful. However, we are also aware that the same streets that host the queues to enjoy the festival are home to our most vulnerable neighbours.

To help reverse this situation, the festival will donate 10% of its proceeds to Fundació Arrels, an organization that has been providing care and guidance to the more than 4,800 homeless people in the city of Barcelona since 1987.

They accompany them to achieve a life as autonomous as possible, covering their basic needs, providing social and health care and guaranteeing accommodation for those in the most vulnerable situations. They also work to raise public awareness, denounce unjust situations and provide solutions to administrations and civil society to ensure that no one sleeps on the streets: