Award list for In-Edit 2023

Congratulations to the award-winning films in this highly competitive edition, and also our gratitude to the members of the juries for their dedication! Here is the content of their verdicts.
Mejor documental musical internacional

Best International Music Documentary


Pete Doherthy: Stranger In My Own Skin

Special Mention

Music For Black Pigeons


We would like to give a Special Mention for Andreas Koefoed, Jørgen Leth’s “Music for Black Pigeons” to honor the boldness of the filmmakers to allow their protagonists to shape the form of the film. Their tone, their thoughtfulness is translated in such a flawless way into the film’s narration, that it is so easy for the audience to enter and flow with the hearts and souls of the protagonists…and their music. The directors turn us all into Black Pigeons with this film. What more can you ask for as an audience! 


A good documentary often lives through the quality of its topic and its protagonists. An exceptional documentary is able to add another level of insight, an unexpected and in the best way surprising view and understanding for the audience. The choices Katia de Vida made in to create a film that on the first view could be easily misjudged as a one-dimensional tribute to its protagonist are exceptional. Her portrait of her now husband Pete Doherty is bold enough to enter many obstacles. By choosing a first-person narration she balances her view as a filmmaker with such an intimate and seductive stream of consciousness of her film’s protagonist that she not only gets to the core of her protagonist’s deepest heart and soul, she also manages an insight for the audience about the true roots of music. It is artists like Peter Doherty who express their soul in music, with all its beauty and pain, with all its unreliable flaws, that can reach the soul of all of us. Katia’s film is bold enough to choose the same path – it is a story of an addiction told by an unreliable narrator. A truly soulful film, and a bold and poetic love-letter to life, passion and the core of music. Music is the true addiction.

We are happy to give the International Competition Award to Katia de Vida for “Peter Doherty: Stranger In My Own Skin”

Mejor documental musical Nacional

Best National Music DocumentarY


Revolutionary Quartet: L'enigma Gerhard

Special Mention



For rescuing from oblivion a prominent European musician of the 20th century, whose influence in the 21st century extends to electronic music. For doing so by weaving a well-documented and agile story that explains his music in a non-technical and accessible manner, through a production and editing in harmony with the story. For extending this narrative to that of a musical ensemble, explaining without deviating from the path, complementing the subject of the documentary with what being part of a string quartet means, the National Jury has awarded the prize for Best National Music Documentary of In-Edit 2023 to “Revolutionary Quartet, l’enigma Gerhard,” directed by Xavier Bosch and Josep Badell.

Also, we would like to give a special mention to “Riqueni,” directed by Paco Bech, for being a documentary that integrates many layers: art, mental illness, addiction, friendship, the passage of time, self-conquest. And it does so by telling a story of self-improvement that deeply moves, showing the human values that underlie that self-improvement.

Millor curtmetratge documental musical


Dol i fa i sol


Verdict: “Dol i fa sol” has been the short music documentary that has resonated with us the most and deeply moved us. It portrays a harsh reality that needs visibility because society tends to treat death as a taboo, and it is positive to showcase these situations in the real world, told through families. We also want to highlight the integration of musical creation in the work. The script and structure are close and coherent, which is why the message comes across effortlessly, without much embellishment and with naturalness.

We are happy to award the Best Short Music Documentary Prize to “Dol i fa sol,” directed by Maria Besora and Pep Garrido.

Premio del Público Razzmatazz

Premi del Públic


Sempre Dharma

by Aleix Barba Perarnau.