Dj Neil, Dj Sylvan i JM Castells - Quien no se considere un buen makinero que abandone la sala
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Quien no se considere un buen makinero que abandone la sala

Xavier Menal
2023 | Spain | 90 min

The roots, rise and fall of Makina music explained in first person by the instigators of a musical, social and cultural movement that started in Valencia (with original mixes of EBM, acid-house and goth rock) and quickly spread to Catalonia, where it would become faster and more aggressive, mobilise a legion of kids from the suburbs and reach such commercial power that it would sweep the charts and even experience an notorious incident with hitmen. Between the admirable historical summary and the meticulous musical analysis, this documentary travels from the “bakalao” to the “makineta” and from self-releases to compilations advertised on TV.

Starring: Fran Lenaers, Frank Trax, Julio Posadas, DJ Sylvan, Joan M. Oleaque, David O’leary, Pepe Billy, Germán Bou, Toni Peret, Nando Dixkontrol, Josep M. Castells, Ricardo Campoy, Paco Pil, David Pastis, Marian Dacal, Neil Solé, Pedro Miras, Alberto Tapia, Juan Cruz, Mónica X, Richard Vázquez, Toni Mendiguchia, Felix Buget, Quique Tejada, Carles Feixa, David Giménez, Joan Domènech, José Luis Cogo, Aina Martínez Tejedor



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