Manolo Kabezabolo
National Panorama

Manolo Kabezabolo

José Alberto Andrés Lacasta
2023 | Spain | 92 min

The tumultuous life of Manuel Méndez Lozano and the unexpectedly long-lasting career of Manolo Kabezabolo. Two personalities intersect within a body devastated by lithium pills, lines of speed, and kalimocho, and in a nasal voice that is a living history of Spanish punk. Through their testimony, as well as that of friends and fellow musicians, and with animations that traverse the ruins of their memories, the documentary lovingly and respectfully paints a comprehensive portrait of the Zaragoza native: a soldier, a mentally ill individual, a substance abuser, a genuinely rebellious spirit, and an urban and countercultural legend that spread like wildfire on recorded tapes and filled venues with verses of fury, sarcasm, biting wit, and hallucinogenic poetry.

Starring: Manuel Méndez Lozano “Manolo Kabezabolo”, Kutxi Romero, Evaristo Páramos, Fernando Madina, Albert Plà, Nacho Tajahuerce, Cristina Morales, Kike Turrón, Kike Babas, Rakel Winchester, Manolo Monzón



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