Morente & Barcelona
National Panorama

Morente i Barcelona

Jordi Turtós
2023 | Spain | 90 min

The first flamenco social club dedicated to Enrique Morente opened in 1970 in Verdum (Barcelona). The Granada-born artist then began his stays in Barcelona, where he joined neighbourhood struggles, formed bonds with the Taller de Músics, and discovered a fertile ground for experimentation. This included collaborations with emerging Catalan artists such as Mayte Martín, Miguel Poveda, Chicuelo, and Ginesa Ortega, as well as jazz heavyweights like Max Roach and Pat Metheny. Morente also ventured into collaborations with Leonard Cohen, Sonic Youth, and many others. This film extensively documents the relationship between Morente and the city where he broke free from orthodoxy and explored new paths and languages.

Starring: Aurora Carbonell, Estrella Morente, Soleá Morente, Kiki Morente, Lluís Cabrera, Miguel Poveda, Mayte Martín, Chicuelo, Chiqui de la Línea, Joan Albert Amargós, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Manuel Calderón, Carmen Corpas, Juan Manuel Caro, Juan Ramon Caro, David Leiva, Mingus B. Formentor, Alberto Manzano, Tito Ramoneda, Lola Huete, Aurora Álvarez “Yoyi”, Fernando Pindado, Francisco Hidalgo, Ginés Cuesta.



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