Music in the cinema room

In addition to the gala already announced in tribute to Omara Portuondo (Thursday 3/11, 21 h), which will include the screening of the documentary “Omara” and a brief performance of the great diva of Afro-Cuban music, many other sessions will feature a “warm up” with guest DJs who will heat the atmosphere to the rhythm of italo disco, punk rock, krautrock, techno, rumba, heavy metal and whatever each film demands.

Sesiones Warm Up

Warm Up Sessions

27th October at 20:30h
with DJ Amable
28th October at 22:00h
with DJ Raúl Orellana
29th October at 19:00h
with Rocksound Dj
29th October at 22:00h
with Daniele DJ
30th October at 18:45h
with Yvette Erre (Cuerdas Fuera Records)
31th October at 21:30h
with Indielovers
1st November at 19:00h
with Excalibrator DJ
2nd November at 18:30h
with Ladilla Rusa DJ set
2nd November at 21:00h
with DJ Arnau Sabaté
4th November at 19:00h
with DJ Mr. Majestyk