Tequila: Sexo, Drogas y Rock & Roll

Tequila - Sexo Drogas y Rock & Roll - In-Edit 2022

The story of the legendary five-piece led by Argentineans Ariel Roth and Alejo Estivel that made a whole generation of young people let rip with rock and roll in the town square during the years of the Transition. How they hit the big time based on Chuck Berry riffs, “stonian” looks, cocky attitudes and a […]

Sintiéndolo mucho

Sintiéndolo Mucho - In-Edit 2022

For 13 years, Fernando León de Aranoa (director of El buen patrón, Los lunes al sol and Barrio) has followed Joaquín Sabina with his camera, portraying the singer-songwriter, poet and painter in the privacy of his daily life as well as in rehearsals and tours, in Mexico, Argentina, Madrid and his native Úbeda. A stroll […]

No callarem

No callarem - In-Edit 2022

Hasta 18 raperos han sido condenados a penas de cárcel en el Estado Español a causa de sus letras. Este alegato a favor de la libertad de expresión y en contra de la represión judicial examina de cerca los casos personales de Alex “Elgio” de la Insurgencia (tres años de inhabilitación), Josep “Valtònyc” (más de […]

Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC

Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC - In-Edit 2022

The belting story of the legendary Max’s Kansas City club and the New York scene of the 1970s that would give rise to punk rock. Its back room, a nest of artists, junkies and hustlers, would have a meteoric impact on music, fashion and culture. Even before CBGB’s opened its doors, Warhol, The Velvet Underground, […]


Jorge - In-Edit 2022

Coque Malla’s story is one of an epic comeback. From a teenage and outspoken Spanish rock star in the 80’s fronting Los Ronaldos to having to reinvent himself as a singer-songwriter after years of playing in dive bars. Dani Martín, Iván Ferreiro, Leonor Watling, Leiva and Ray Loriga wax lyrical on the faith, tenacity, ambition […]

Sonic Fantasy

Sonic Fantasy :: In-Edit 2022

Bruce Swedien was probably the best sound engineer in history, having worked on recordings by jazz giants such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie or Dizzy Gillespie. This is the gripping story of how in 1982, with the record industry in free fall, he worked his magic to save none other than Michael Jackson and Quincy […]

El Káiser de la Atlántida

El Kaiser de la Atlántida :: In-Edit 2022

One of the most unknown and courageous acts of artistic resistance of the Nazi era. In 1943 two musicians wrote an opera in the Terezin concentration camp as a mockery of Hitler. An incredible, even esoteric, series of events preserved a manuscript that 80 years later sounds louder than ever.